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Exceptional Dental Diagnosis and Treatment with 3Shape Trios® Digital Scanning Technology in Fresno

At Fresno Dental Professionals, our team of dental care professionals work together to provide a truly exceptional dental care experience. One of the ways we can achieve this aspiration is by always utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art dental technology. When exact-match impressions are required to outline your unique dental condition, we use the 3-Shape TRIOS Digital Scanning system to fabricate accurate blueprints of your current dental state. 

How the 3-Shape TRIOS Helps with Digital Impressions

This innovative technology is a tool we use to create efficient, accurate and effortless impressions without compromising quality. The scanner itself is a hand-held, wireless device with an intraoral camera that can capture up to 3,000 images per second. Utilizing computer-aided (CAD/CAM) software, these images are then transformed into a three-dimensional model of your teeth and gums. 

This three-dimensional replica is promptly displayed on a screen so both yourself and our doctors can see your impression being fabricated in real time. Both our patients and our dental team have the added benefit of the process only taking up to a few minutes without using traditional impression materials.  

The Many Advantages of 3-Shape TRIOS Digital Scanning Technology for Dental Impressions

Benefits of this innovative technology include:
Improved image and impression quality 
Reduced errors when making impressions
Elimination of messy or uncomfortable materials for traditional impressions 
Maximized comfort for anxious patients or those with a strong gag reflex
Images can be stored electronically, making for eco-friendlier, space saving, and easily accessible records
Less time spent in the dental chair 

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