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Digital Smile Design in Fresno

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Advancements in technology are improving our lives every day, especially in the field of dentistry. Exciting innovations allow us to reduce cavities and gum disease and have a significant impact on aesthetic treatments. Digital Smile Design is an approach that merges digital imaging, 3d software systems, with your desires and expectations. Now instead of explaining how a treatment plan can change your smile, we can show you. With this system, we can improve communication, involve you in the design process, and fulfill the plan with stunning accuracy.

At Fresno Dental Professionals, we enjoy using advanced technology to establish a strong connection with our patients. This helps us meet your expectations and ours as we strive to bring you the best care possible. Visit our Fresno office for a comprehensive oral evaluation with the most modern technology available. Call today!


Emotional Dentistry with Digital Smile Design

The ability to experience different smiles using digital photos and virtual design software makes a huge difference in how you view your treatment. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a treatment planning protocol that allows for careful analysis of your facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art videography and digital technology. It provides a multi-dimensional picture of the relationship between teeth, gums, lips, and cranial anatomy, along with the natural aesthetics of your features in motion and with emotion. All this information can be easily shared with you, and together we can decide which procedures will give you a naturally beautiful smile that is in harmony with your physical characteristics and your personality.

How Does it Work?

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Conventional cosmetic and restorative dental treatments fix problems as they arise, without the benefit of all the information. DSD gives us all the information about individual teeth and the entire smile all at once, including what you might look like as you talk, eat, laugh, and live your life. The process begins with 3D photos and videos of your entire mouth at rest and in motion. All the information goes into the design software, where we can manipulate all the variables. The shape, size, and color of each tooth, as well as gum line placement and overall alignment, can be comprehensively evaluated. We review all this information with you and encourage your participation. By sharing your opinions and objectives, you are the co-designer of your own treatment and as emotionally invested as we are in a successful outcome.

Next, the digital mockup and impressions are combined into a resin model so you can try on your new look. This mockup will help us experiment with function, fit, and aesthetics before the planning and fabrication of your final restorations and actual treatments. This process of collaboration is the critical element for success in delivering results right the first time and meeting your cosmetic and overall dental health goals. When restorative technical requirements are combined with your desires and emotional needs, there is a clear path to a natural, confident, and beautiful smile.

Your personalized plan may include:

You always have choices when it comes to upgrading your smile. If you want straighter teeth, you may be patient enough to wear Invisalign braces, or you may choose faster results with porcelain veneers. If you have missing teeth, dental implants are the most secure restoration, but dentures or a dental bridge may be the better repair. We use digital smile design to demonstrate all your options and generate a plan that fits your goals, your lifestyle, and your budget. The DSD technology also makes it easy for us to collaborate within our team and with outside specialists when needed, so communication is always clear and purposeful.

See What’s Possible with Digital Smile Design in Fresno

Our team has extensive training based on the teachings of Christian Coachman to provide an efficient and precise digital cosmetic plan focused on your specific needs. From your initial digital smile design to the final aesthetic result, smile makeovers with DSD give you the healthy, confident smile you’ve always dreamed of. The DSD concept allows our team to create a smile that reflects your personality and enhances the experience for all of us. We find it incredibly motivating to see how a smile can boost confidence and quality of life.

At Fresno Dental Professionals, we share a passion for combining dentistry, aesthetics, and technology in the pursuit of excellence through the DSD Concept. Get a smile that reflects your character, soul, and style, and shows the world who you really are on the inside. Call today to schedule your consultation!


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